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5 Common Misconceptions Yoga Teachers Have About Launching an Online Program

What’s holding you back when it comes to launching your online program? Over a year ago, we asked 100+ yoga teachers this same question and their answers were exciting to hear. Why? Because the majority of the answers were actually misconceptions. Meaning, if establishing another revenue stream is a goal of yours – we're here to remind you that you can absolutely achieve it *despite* some of your worries.

To put your mind (and limiting beliefs) at ease, here are 5 common misconceptions Yoga Teachers have about launching an online program:

1️⃣ You need to have a big audience

You know the saying *quality over quantity*? When it comes to creating an online program, this should be your mantra. It’s so easy to feel intimidated by vanity metrics on social media aka followers, viewers, and like counts. Just remember, it’s better to have 100 loyal and aligned clients following you versus 10,000+ random people who are uninterested in actually purchasing from you. Instead of the numbers, focus on creating *quality* content that is relatable to your dream client's transformational journey. This way, you’re continuing to strengthen your relationship with the people who want and need your support.

2️⃣ You won’t feel connected to your clients as you would in-person

As wonderful as showing up and connecting in-studio can be, online teaching has its own advantages when it comes to building relationships and going deeper with your clients. Instead of having to set up and take down equipment in time for the next class, you can host a post-flow sharing circle, meditation, or journaling session, for example. You can also connect with them off the mat, via email or a private facebook group, to continue supporting them between sessions.

3️⃣ Sending yourself to computer jail

We get it. No one wants to be in front of a screen all day. And we’ll be honest, setting up your online offer *will* take time. But, once you have it set up and you’re connecting with clients from the comfort of your home (or jungle view casita 😉), you’ll realize how liberating it is to be able to pick up and go without having to sacrifice your income.

4️⃣ You need to have fancy tech and perfect lighting

With social media and content creators pumping out heaps of videos daily, gone are the days of expecting perfection. Raw, unfiltered, and authentic videos resonate extremely well with today’s consumer.

5️⃣ Other Yoga Teachers are already doing it, so your course won’t sell

While there are many YT's online – there are also millions of students, each with their own specific needs, looking for the right teacher. As you niche down and create a program that helps guide dream clients through a transformation close to your own journey, you’ll start to realize how much room there is for everyone to thrive online. Still unsure? Send us an email and let us know what’s on your mind. We’d love to hear from you and talk it through together 🤗 And, in the case that you’re feeling excited (and hopefully a little unstoppable!) – we invite you to get started on your launch with our *FREE* masterclass to help you create an online revenue stream and digital offer for your yoga business.

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